Associated Press (AP) News plugin


AP News no longer provides RSS feeds. This plugin provides virtual AP News feeds based upon JSON used by their website.

Quick use: install the plugin, subscribe to a “feed” using a URL like or,apf-usnews .

Source and details @

NOTE: This plugin needs tt-rss from 2017-10-01 or later (specifically: 0f0d6ca559).


Thanks. But what makes you believe the AP has ditched RSS feeds? They seem to be there.


Interesting, thanks. The ones I had been using were removed, and I somehow missed that page.

I suppose the main benefit of this plugin now is generation of feeds based upon AP News tags, which give much more fine-grained control and flexibility than the official feeds.


To be fair, that AP’s webpage is all new. I remember their feeds were listed on a page with totally different, more colourful design. Which means the AP have been messing with the feeds, and I suspect it’s in the direction of marginalizing them. So, your plugin may yet become useful to those unwilling to migrate to Twitter and its ilk.


I was excited that someone found some AP feeds after the ones I subscribed to were removed, and while the feeds on that page work, the links in the entries are broken so they are not useful.