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Associated Press (AP) News plugin


AP News no longer provides RSS feeds. This plugin provides virtual AP News feeds based upon JSON used by their website.

Quick use: install the plugin, subscribe to a “feed” using a URL like https://apnews.com/tag/apf-topnews or https://apnews.com/tag/apf-topnews,apf-usnews .

Source and details @ https://github.com/supahgreg/ttrss-apnews

NOTE: This plugin needs tt-rss from 2017-10-01 or later (specifically: 0f0d6ca559).

Newspaper feed blocked in ttrss? [SOLVED]

Thanks. But what makes you believe the AP has ditched RSS feeds? They seem to be there.


Interesting, thanks. The ones I had been using were removed, and I somehow missed that page.

I suppose the main benefit of this plugin now is generation of feeds based upon AP News tags, which give much more fine-grained control and flexibility than the official feeds.


To be fair, that AP’s webpage is all new. I remember their feeds were listed on a page with totally different, more colourful design. Which means the AP have been messing with the feeds, and I suspect it’s in the direction of marginalizing them. So, your plugin may yet become useful to those unwilling to migrate to Twitter and its ilk.


I was excited that someone found some AP feeds after the ones I subscribed to were removed, and while the feeds on that page work, the links in the entries are broken so they are not useful.


The Associated Press seems to have removed the feeds. So, I turned back to the plugin, but it doesn’t work:

Couldn't download the specified URL: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

I’m on f530224

Any ideas how to fix it?


I too have been frustrated with the loss of AP’s RSS feeds. As you said, the plugin no longer works.

I use a feed43 proxy RSS feed to get around a GDPR block on a local newspaper’s RSS feed (see this discussion) so I tried setting up a proxy for the AP Top News feed. Unfortunately, the AP site uses javascript to generate the article list and there’s nothing on the feed43 site about how to set up a proxy in that case.

Hopefully someone with more technical skills than I can come up with a way to convert the AP news feed pages to an RSS feed that TT-RSS can work with.


See what you get by hitting the AP News API directly from wherever tt-rss is running (and/or your local system if in a similar region). For example, https://apnews.com/tag/apf-topnews corresponds to https://afs-prod.appspot.com/api/v2/feed/tag?tags=apf-topnews . I wonder if you’re running into something related to GDPR, as I’m still using the plugin without issue.


Thanks for your reply @wn_name. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘hit the AP News API directly’… ?

Assuming you mean enter the apnews URL in my browser window – a page opens on the AP site with the feed specified in the URL. However, when I attempt to subscribe to that page in TT-RSS (with your plugin activated), I get the same error as @mamil ("Couldn't download the specified URL"). When I attempt to subscribe with the plugin disabled, I get a different error: "Specified URL doesn't seem to contain any feeds", which is presuably why you created the plugin.

I’m in the US but I’m using Marc Gerges’s instance of TT-RSS that resides on a server in Europe. Marc installed your plugin yesterday at my request. But this doesn’t look like a GDPR issue. I experienced a GDPR block on a local newspaper’s RSS feed and in that case, I got a very different error:

451: Unavailable for legal reasons

I suppose it’s possible AP is blocking the requests but fails to send back an error code.


Thanks, wn. Doesn’t look like GDPR. Both URLs open just fine. One leads to the AP webpage, the other to something which looks like this (API?):

  "cards": [
      "textScale": null, 
      "headlineWidget": null, 
      "expandedStoryCount": null, 
      "tagObjs": [], 
      "sponsorImageUrl": null, 
      "contents": [
          "embedHTML": null, 
          "embedHeight": null, 
          "contentSponsor": null, 
          "tagObjs": [
              "order": 1, 
              "id": "apf-topnews", 
              "name": "AP Top News"

I’ve noticed that if I replace https with http, I don’t get the 200 error. TTRSS accepts the URL and I can ‘subscribe’, but then the first update attempt yields this:

fetch error: LibXML error 4 at line 1 (column 1): Start tag expected, '<' not found


If you’re able to get those responses from the same system tt-rss is running on then I don’t know why it’s not working for you (i.e. I’m unable to reproduce the issue). “http://” doesn’t work since the plugin currently only matches HTTPS.