Apply Filters to All (except a few) and Filter to keep one article category only


Just for sanity as I think I am likely using the only way to do this, though just checking I’ve not missed anything. Hopefully I’m explaining this in a way that is understandable.

  1. If I want to apply a Filter rule to ALL feeds (triggering af_readability) except for a growing handful of feeds where I know readability wont work (messing up more than it fixes in some cases). Is there any smart way for that (exclude method?) or do I need create all my proper ALL feeds filters single + add a rule in each to avoid them to include site XYZ?

  2. If I want to apply a Filter rule to ensure that I only fetch articles with category “videogames”. I currently do that as a Match, then add a rule to DELETE article with Inverse Matching on so that all articles that does not include “videogames” is deleted. Is this the best method?



For #1 you can actually turn on af_readability on a per-feed basis. With the plugin enabled, edit the feed and select the Plugins tab. There should be a checkbox there to enable readability for that feed. This will work a lot better than doing it for every article in a feed through filtering.

I don’t quite understand #2, could be how you’ve written it but probably lack of sleep on my part… What I do for articles that I don’t want is either create a rule to match them or a inverse rule that doesn’t match them and the action is Mark as Read.

I don’t know why you’d create a rule to match everything, then another rule to delete what you don’t want. Since everything is coming in from the feed, I’d just do a match on what I don’t want (or if it’s easier, an inverse match of what I do want) and Mark as Read or delete those.

e: If you’re looking for more control and are willing to get your hands dirty, there’s the feediron plugin (no affiliation). I don’t use it myself; however, it allows you to be a lot more specific about where on the originating site’s page the article is located. So you could look for specific tags, CSS IDs or classes, etc.


@JustAMacUser thank you for your the reply, an apologies for badly explaining :slight_smile:

1) Yes, I’m aware of the option and I have a handful configured like that (but that would mean all or nothing). My challenges is that I only require (and want) to fetch the full articles based on certain criteria, which might be just 5% of total articles across all feeds). Technically I could enable it on all , though my system would not be ready for the amount data 2000+ feeds would create and seeing I also don’t need the full text in 90-95% of cases it seems like a waste.

The challenge I’m seeing is that readability seems to fail getting the right text on a growing number of sites, including some now also receiving GDPR information instead of the article, making me worse off than just keeping whatever the RSS had. I was hoping there would be be a way to block/ignore certain sites when using several rather complex regex filters to trigger readability.

2) I think we’re on the same page. I am not using a rule that matches the ones I don’t want and mark them as read … as I don’t want them in the DB at all. So I ended up creating a rule that matches the ones I want to keep, then inverse with the action to delete articles (it sounds like that’s one of the ways you do it as well).

I’ve not had a look at feediron, though that might be an option for me to explore.


you should be able to apply filters based on tags. make two rules:

  1. first applies special tag based on your criteria (could be several filters and/or rules)
  2. last matches on the special tag and applies readability

i haven’t tried it but it might work :man_shrugging:


Feediron will help where readability is failing, but I’m not sure if you can restrict it to specific articles (I think it works on the whole feed). Still would be worth you looking into it though.