Android: Group by for offline display


Seems you have your Android environment in use again so I’d like to resurface an old request. When I am offline the display of items doesn’t group by feed and then sort within feed like it does when online. I know sqlite3 does support a 'group by so perhaps this might be an enhancement that isn’t too difficult. Thanks in advance and understand iif you don’t want to touch Android any more than absolutely required.


to be honest i wasn’t aware this was possible in the app. looks like it works like that if you have grouping enabled in the main UI.

i can add sorting by feed title using a separate option i guess, although this would break catchup above. i’m not gonna bother reworking the way it works so it simply won’t be available in this configuration.

also you probably mean order by, not group by.

e: option should be added in next beta build (1.189)


thanks for this. will try when the beta hits


just looked at the code you added First, thanks a lot.

I see that adding what I wanted would be a big UI change. maybe in the settings you can have an option to show items by feed, and then use the oldest/newest sort selection to get the result that matches what I get online, where I suspect the server does the work. if not, something is better than nothing and thanks.


maybe you should elaborate on what you actually asked for then. i thought it was about an option mirroring the “group headlines in virtual feeds” in tt-rss proper, which i think was what i’ve added. i think.


yes, my fault for not being clear. Too much of some adult beverages over a 3 day weekend :slight_smile:

tried the new verison and this is exactly what I’d wanted. thanks fox!