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Android: Crashes on 1.236 (470)


I’m seeing some binder TransactionTooLargeException-related crashes on current production which are caused by now obsolete serialization which is still being triggered somewhere

unfortunately, this exception is deep within android guts so the stacktrace is largely useless.

tldr: if current version of app crashes for you (more often than usual) post what you were doing to trigger it.


there’s also this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46445265/android-8-0-java-lang-illegalstateexception-not-allowed-to-start-service-inten

which affects the widget apparently
never change google, just keep breaking everything


Is that what’s (possibly) causing this widget issue? Never shows an article count. Running TT-RSS v1.238 (472) on a Pixel, OS 8.1.0.



yeah, most likely
i’m not sure if i want to rewrite everything on their new api tbh, this whole “we broke everything haha deal with it” shtick is getting old at this point


right, this seems to also affect tasker integration because it also starts a background service

those two can be considered known issues for now

Android tasker plug-in

new build (1.239) should maybe have those issues addressed using a terrible workaround

e: this has been updated with 1.240


alright so the workaround for the widget didn’t help

i haven’t looked at the jobscheduler yet but the chances of me rewriting anything are slim, at this point i would prefer to eventually remove the widget altogether

currently there’s like 10 people affected by this issue anyway so its not a priority i’m afraid


i’d like to add that while widget should be rewritten one way or another to work on 8.0 (it’s a low priority though because at this point - going by google crash statistics - literally EIGHT people are affected by this issue), tasker support is very likely not going to see any updates.

supporting a specific proprietary app has been a mistake in the first place. i’m not going to remove anything just yet but it should be considered EOL.

the only use for it is related to offline mode which is, as far as i’m concerned, is generaly a deprecated thing in itself ityool 2018.


rejoice for i have been bored enough to rewrite the widget to use JobIntentService as google intended for oreo

new version (1.246) should be available soon