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[Android client] Top bar icons


On the top bar of the android app there are icons for search, sort order, select, and the 3 dots for overflow. I find my most common activity is “mark read” and would think it should be one of the 3 icons as I suspect others also use that more than changing sort order or selecting multiple items. Any change you’d consider making a change here?


yes let me just adjust the toolbar for your personal needs

would you also like to have this configurable on a per-icon basis?


Couldn’t you make it so the icons are drag-droppable, so people can organise the icons however they want?..









You could even see if it’s possible to drag icons from other apps if users prefer those ones instead…


well it’s christmas time, who knows what miracles might happen


In which timezone? :grin:


Christmas in Russia is on January 7th :rofl:


oh it’s always christmas if you’re drunk enough


Fox, I suggested this because I thought it was a more common use case, not just my use case. But, of course, your app, your sense of the right UI rules.