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Android Client : Page Turning


Please consider using a single tap to change to next article just like ebook readers and wallabag client.
Right third to move to the next article , left third to move back to the previous article.
Swiping is giving me RSI.


what if there’s a link in the right third? this could easily get ugly/annoying


I don’t think so, you can easily tap anywhere were there is no link. And if you should accidentally tap a link, you should be more careful the next time. People are quick learners.


my gimmick is being personally hostile to users, not designing hostile software :slight_smile:

e: btw there’s also switching with volume buttons


But, but, but,… E-readers all do this, it is not that strange of a request. OK, usually these are for reading books, not possibly riddled with links. Anyhoo, not my request!


fwiw my cbz reader (and Epube) does side tap switching, somehow it just doesn’t feel right for tt-rss though. gmail doesn’t do it either.

the difference is books are text and comics are images, while mail and articles are a mixture of both + links, generally speaking.


Have you ever actually encountered “people”? Rocks are more intelligent, on average.


I encounter “users” everyday, some of them are actually people. :grinning:


OK , how many bottles of liquor is it going to take to convince you to implement this @fox ?