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Android App - jump to next "unread" category


hi there, the webui has the possibility to jump to next category with unread articles by enabling the preference:
On catchup show next feed
Automatically open next feed with unread articles after marking one as read

do you think it could be possible to do the same also on android app?



nope, afraid not. sorry.


Hi, first time posting here, so firstly thanks to all for Tiny Tiny RSS, it’s great!

I was wondering the same as guly here on the Android app though; is there some way to move on to another feed when I’ve finished reading the current feed? Or does one have to drill back through the menu to find the next feed?

If it doesn’t exist might it be accepted as a developer contribution?



is it really that hard to swipe the drawer and choose something? i don’t think adding more controls to the app is a particularly great idea

personally the way i’m usually using it is either reading fresh articles or a category


Hi Fox,

So the way that I use it is I have about 30 feeds organised in a few categories from which I skim over a fair few articles, let’s say 200+, marking them all read. If I need to use the menu to go to the next unread feed that’s adding one interaction per feed if it’s in the same category, or two interactions for the category + feed changes. Plus compared to being able to just hit a ‘Next Unread Feed’ button, or a gesture, those touches need to be more precise, making them slower. Over 30 or so feeds it adds up. Reading by fresh articles or category isn’t ideal as some feeds I might want to read more closely while others I mainly skim the headlines.

What about if it jumps to the next feed with unread content when a person attempts to scroll down further after they’ve scrolled right to the bottom of the feed, past the last article?



since you need a button to jump to next unread (something) this means you’re reading sequentially anyway - why not just open all articles and read that instead, which would solve your problem without adding UI bloat

a much better idea however would be learning to organize your data better with stuff like scoring and filters.

yeah i’ve just removed almost this exact thing from tt-rss proper, how likely do you think would be introducing it on android now, lol

that aside, i imagine scrolling a bit too much by mistake and oops the app takes you somewhere without notice, how annoying - but why not make this an option, right? wrong. terrible idea.


you definitely need to learn how to use scoring

imagine it wasn’t a tiny amount like 30 feeds, you’d drown in your unorganized data


All articles would might make it a bit tricky to leave a few things unread for later? Although I imagine I should be managing those better. Plus I would have thought with all articles you lose your ability to order feeds?

Thanks I’ll have a look into that

The web interface has lost the ability to jump to the next unread feed?

With the huge runoff area after the last article I imagine it wouldn’t be too tricky to get used to

Yes, clearly I’ll have to do some reading… no pun intended :relaxed:

(FYI it looks like I have ~160 feeds, it’s ~30 that I skim over often daily)


automatically, on scroll


i will never understand this (google reader inspired?) idea to deliberately keep things unread

if it’s interesting just star it and it’ll be there when you need it later


I can see removing this making sense. On desktop you’ve got a lot of screen space, a fast accurate pointer, a keyboard. Using scroll to control content loading is a bit more rare on desktop.

On Android the sense I get when everything is marked read in a feed and I’m left down the bottom of the blank run off area is “what else would I want to do in this feed? why would I want to remain in here?”

I guess for some people it’s appealing to not create another list of articles somewhere else that needs attending to. Everyone has their own way I guess :slight_smile:


i can’t imagine this being helpful but in general if you try to use my stuff while having wildly different UI interaction ideas from me you’re going to have a bad time :shrug:

you likely weren’t here for the unreadbuttongate otherwise you’d understand


It only takes a quick look at the forum to see that you take a fairly ‘sporting’ approach to the community. Which is your prerogative of course :relaxed: