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Access by local ip and domain



I’ve just pulled the latest tt-rss from git.

Now with this update, I can’t access my installation of tt-rss on the local network since it is configured to point out to a proper domain name (to access it remotely).

Startup failed

Tiny Tiny RSS was unable to start properly. This usually means a misconfiguration or an incomplete upgrade. Please fix errors indicated by the following messages:
Please set SELF_URL_PATH to the correct value detected for your server:

Is it possible to include in the future, a way to have again both the possibility to access tt-rss both locally and remotely.

I’ve noticed more “reactivity” when I browse it locally, but I still need to point out to the domain because I share some rss made by tt-rss with other people.

As I read in tt-rss/wiki/InstallationNotes :

Proceed with the installation using the easy installer. It will ask your database credentials and a full URL on which tt-rss will be accessed, for example http://your.site.com/tt-rss/install/. It is required that the URL is an externally accessible one (if any), don’t use localhost there, it will break PUSH support. If you are deploying tt-rss on LAN, you can disregard this requirement.

So maybe it’s not possible anymore…


You might want to read this thread After today's upgrade (6.7.2017)
Especially this post might be interesting for your use case After today's upgrade (6.7.2017)


just disable the check


Thanks it works…
I didn’t put the right keyword in the search bar…


Usually routers are smart enough to stay in the local network when using the externally accessible domain name on a local device. On ASUS routers it’s controlled by the NAT Loopback setting.