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Wired: It's Time for an RSS Revival



“The most amazing thing to me about RSS is that no one really went away from it,” says Wolf. “It still exists.”



imagine being a tech journalist

so shameful


By the way, the article mentions ‘tools to help highlight just one story when there are dozens of near-identicals’. Can the af_psql_trgm plugin do that?


It feels like RSS is going away… I don’t know if that’s actually the case or not. Certainly most of the people I know get their news from social media, which I could never endorse for obvious reasons. All of the sites I frequent support RSS still but a few users on my install have had their sites drop feed support.

It would have been nice to get TT-RSS mentioned there but maybe setting up a server and hosting a web application is too technical for their readership–they didn’t mention any self-hosted options, afterall.

The entire Internet is becoming a cesspool of advertisers and their tracking/profiling people and RSS doesn’t fit into that model well.


Thanks to tt-rss, my current setup is perfect. I only wish there were a reliable way of pulling RSS from Facebook. The RSS-Bridge doesn’t seem to work.


What’s a “Facebook”? :wink:

I agree with you though. My TT-RSS is pretty much perfected. I wrote a plugin to get full content using XPath from feeds that only have excerpts; fix lazy loaded images (some sites I follow put their images in a data- attribute with a fallback to to an image in a noscript tag); and remove crap like ads in feed content, social media sharing links, etc.

I had considered Selfoss at one point, but it lacked three things that TT-RSS had:

  1. Multi-user.
  2. Ability to set update interval per feed.
  3. Plugins beyond just parsing content.

TT-RSS is the complete package. One thing I do appreciate is that while the entire application is rather large, its overall memory footprint at any one given time is quite reasonable (the beauty of autoloading classes).

I think if RSS ever does go away I’m packing up my stuff and leaving the Internet. :airplane:


318 comments on Hacker News. I think RSS will never go away completely. Maybe relegated to the Internet boonies, like the Usenet has been.


Fortunately, TT-RSS wasn’t mentioned in the article…

Every time that happens, there’s a flood of wankers wanting help with mysql/apache/linux setup. :man_facepalming:


So you don’t want to provide full-time technical support for free? :thinking:


Well, now that you mention it… :smiley: