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Way to temporarily hide news?


Is there a way to create a filter that temporarily hides articles that meet certain criteria? This may sound dumb, but bear with me; consider the scenario that you are at work, your favourite team is playing and you don’t want to know what happened because you want to go home and watch it later. But your feed will be bombarded with news about it, so no easy way to circumvent it. I mean I could create a filter that deletes the articles, but after I watch the game I would like to be able to reload my feeds and “unhide” those articles.

Hopefully this makes sense :slight_smile: Is there a way to do it that I am missing?


A filter to adjust scoring? I think negative scores are hidden in the Fresh Articles section. (I don’t use scoring so I can’t speak to it directly but it’s the first thing that comes to mind.)


you can also set filter to mark articles as read, this way you can get back to them later (via search etc). either that or scoring.


Scoring sounds good; was just making sure there wasn’t some other way I hadn’t thought of. Thanks everyone!