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"user entries" design question


It has always looked to my like 1 feed was to be shared to as many as subscribed to the feed url. The user entries is where tags, scores, read/unread, etc… are stored; including an owner id. So 1 feed and 1 entry could be spread over as many users as necessary.

Is that how the design was intended? Almost like the old “more feeds” could share feeds. Except when you subscribed to a popular feed it got a new unique entry in feeds anyway.

So was this a thought that was abandoned? Never meant for that? I am just curious at what I see in the schema. Since I am the only user on a self-hosted platform it won’t change my use case; but you know … curiosity.




Feeds are unique for each user with the information about the feeds (tags, etc.) stored across various tables.

So the same URL subscribed by two users is in there twice. However, TT-RSS is intelligent in the sense that when it’s updating a given feed it checks if other users are subscribed to the same feed (some exceptions for things like authenticated feeds). There is also some caching involved so it won’t hit a site repeatedly in a short period of time (30 seconds).


Every user has their own set of data, but TT-RSS tries to minimize the amount of network traffic when updating.


we had deduplication before - thus two tables - but i had to get rid of it when per-user feed data altering plugins became a thing