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Useful privacy tools…


Based off another discussion/topic/whatnot…

What are your useful privacy tools and why?


with modern fingerprinting i feel the only working approach (if you’re worried about privacy) is not using websites at all, otherwise you definitely will be tracked.

using privacy addons for example makes you stand out from the crowd more thus making you easier to track. kinda ironic, really.

e: phone-related privacy starts with turning it off and throwing it into garbage. even installing foss android (without google services, of course) is not good enough because you can be tracked through black-box radio firmware even without SIM card installed, i think google project zero even published working remote exploits against some variants of qualcomm radio chips.

what i’m saying is it’s all shit all the way to the bottom and there’s nothing you can do about it, really, unless you’re content to just drop out of modern civilization altogether.


Ah, the Great Russian Optimism⸮


For my browser I try to be uniform with everybody else as fingerprinting is pretty easy…
Nice tool for visualizing this is e.g. amiunique.org

Yes, you are carrying a wiretapping device everywhere… Weren’t there some potentional vulnerabilities even when switched off?

To keep sane you might start a little bit lower and at least think about if you really want your banking app on the smartphone with your 2FA app side-by-side :smiley: unfortunatelly a normal thing today…


2fa via sms is largely pointless anyway because of social engineering as demonstrated multiple times with fappening “hacks” etc. it’s either a way to collect users’ phone numbers (and sell them to third parties with the rest of their information) or a useless feel-good gesture by (and for) people who don’t know any better.

i’m just being realistic. we’re living in a literal cyberpunk dystopia, except for all the cool parts.


I actually agree with this. Keep in mind most of what we as end users do is from a single IP address from home, or maybe a small handful of IPs from our cells. That alone makes it easy to track us. Let alone these larger companies actually profile behaviour as well. That’s not something a plugin can really do anything about.

Still, I’m pro-privacy so I do stay off social networks and I run Pi-hole to block some ads and tracking. I also try to make sure I’m using SSL/TLS on sites I visit, if possible. That’s about the extent of what I do but I feel it’s about 99% more than most.

I’m more interested in blocking activity from companies trying to target me to sell me stuff (or just trying to sell me to advertisers).


i don’t use pihole but i do run my own dns servers anyway so i’m using bind RPZ to block stuff.

i have a halfassed cron.weekly script which downloads the hosts[1] file and converts it into bind zone format. the whole thing took like 15 minutes to setup and just works on all devices on the LAN including those without proper adblock like ios etc.

  1. http://sbc.io/hosts/hosts

i have a similar setup on our corporate LAN and windows sure does send a lot of telemetry requests. such a shame about them being null-routed.


After setting up Pi-hole I noticed my router sending out pings every 5 seconds, apparently for checking Internet connectivity. (I put a stop to that.)

Pi-hole usually uses open resolvers but I setup BIND as well to handle that. Since moving to this setup my home internet actually feels a little faster. I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference.

Some people in my home play a lot of games on iOS and Pi-hole makes it easy to figure out which domains in those games are serving ads so I can block them. (Or… allow them if said gamer wants to collect the in-game rewards by watching ads. :man_shrugging:)

I think I could tolate ads if they weren’t so obnoxious and in-your-face. I remember seeing a college kid in a coffee shop browsing a site without an ad blocker and couldn’t believe all the flashing banners everywhere on the page with only a tiny column of text in the middle.


Just using uBlock Origin and uMatrix, but less for privacy’s sake and more for even Google can’t be asked to audit the javascript they’re allowing advertisers to load.

I just like to know what you’re calling and doing on my machines, thanks. Otherwise, purge cookies on browser close (with limited exceptions,) no social media logged in, etc.