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Update feeds not working


I’m having trouble updating feeds. I have ttrss installed on hosting, which can only cron a simple url, does not have the parameter. I can not use the update.php --feeds --quiet parameters. I set the cron to update_daemon2.php. The cron log is update_daemon2.php (GET) STATUS = HTTP / 1.1 200 OK but feeds are not updated. Unfortunately, I do not have a chance to find out what is written when running a script. Is there a debug mod in ttrrs? Or where could it be a problem?

I have PHP 7.2.15, MySQL: 5.5.5-10.3.12, latest tt-rss


I’m guessing the problem lies in the “hosting” part. Just get a full operating system virtualized or not.


try reading the wiki instead of whatever is that you’re doing
if you can’t even use update.php the daemon is definitely not going to work
simple updates might be your only option here

also, you either don’t understand what cron is, or you’re using some kind of third party cron-alike website, because cron generally doesn’t involve URLs. you won’t be able to invoke update.php etc using such a service.

this looks like a PEBKAC situation tbh

also, this