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Ttrss-perceptual-image-hash: actions on success?


this addon is awesome. thanks. its been running for 2 weeks now and doing great.

can it mark read, filter or delete articles that contain duplicates or would that be an enhancement ?

( and sorry for posting on the -now deleted- git issues page )


this is unfortunately impossible due to the way the plugin duplicate marking currently works i.e. by processing links when article is rendered for display.

one possible alternative is reworking everything to run during feed update which would remove this limitation but i’m not sure if it’s worth it. one of the downsides would be plugin not reacting in real time if you change the similarity threshold, etc.

my rationale for doing it this way was phash checking not being bulletproof so it’s better to err on the safe side and work on links only while presenting them to the user anyway, so that they might click on them if they feel the duplicate is flagged incorrectly.


of course you’ve given this some thought. i’m glad i asked. the explanation helps. now i see why filtering for contains duplicate did nothing.

i did double check for a while; dialled back the hamming… now i feel like it doesn’t need to be monitored anymore… meh. i’ll just skip over them. thanks again.