TT-RSS with MariaDB 10 (Synology NAS)



is it possible to use MariaDB 10 instead of MariaDB 5 for TT-RSS on a synology nas?
If so, what changes are necessary?


In theory, since MariaDB as a whole is designed to be a drop in replacement to MySQL, yes you can use it. As for version compatibility, since TTRSS was never made for MariaDB you’ll have to try it yourself.

I’d suggest looking here:
It lists the versions that are more or less equivalent, MariaDB 10.0 and up is supposed to be compatible with MySQL 5.5 and 5.6, so should support everything they support, your mileage may vary of course, maybe someone else can chime in here if they are using MariaDB10 successfully.


In my setup tt-rss works very well with MariaDB 10.1.34 and PHP 7.2.7 in a Ubuntu 18.04 installation


I am using MariaDB version 10.1 on without any issues.