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TT-RSS does not remember my login


I have installed TT-RSS on Debian Jessie running on an Apache webserver. Even when checking
"Remember me" in the login screen, I have to login again when visiting again after a while. The
cookie is saved. Other webservices, like Nextcloud, remember my login. Only TT-RSS doesn’t.
Any idea?


installed how?

check cookie-related options in config.php.


Installed with git checkout.


0 means delete when browser closes. How to make it live forever?


set it to a big number basically, i.e. 86400*365 is a year. you can use an algebraic expression.

until recently there was an issue with php and/or database choking if this number caused an integer overflow, i think i fixed it but still suggest keeping the number reasonable, just in case.

e: unless you plan on using your login session for several thousand years, of course.


One year is enough. Got it!



same problem, same solution !
thanks fox :wink: