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Title wrong when using 'j' to go to next article


I use ‘j’ and ‘k’ to navigate forward and back thru feeds. I’m seeing that when I hit ‘j’ the title for the new item is actually the title for the last item. Scrolling manually a little bit more fixes the display problem. The Engadget feed seem like a good example for reproducing the problem. It seem to be related to if the article is longer than the currently visible window size and might not happen every time. I’m unclear on how to accurately describe it. The CNN.com - Top Stories doesn’t seem to do it at all.

Tested using latest Chrome and Firefox on latest Windows. I haven’t confirm others

Thanks. I use ttrss daily and truly enjoy it.

Old article headers with ctrl-down

I think you missed the memo. Some changes have been made to how things work.


Yep missed the memo… Not sure I understand the memo even after I read it. I’m not sure what “Combined (unexpanded) mode” is. I know there is a mode that just shows headlines. I’ve never used it. I assume that is what fox is talking about.

BUT it sounds like fox knows about the title problem just from this:

btw i’m aware of some minor cosmetic issues with headlines right now (in three panel mode at least), still figuring out how to unfuck that particular bunch of code, progress is kinda slow-ish


does it happen if you use shortcuts which directly move between articles, i.e. ctrl-(up/down)?


Sorry for hijacking this htread, but I have a similar issue.

I have a feed category with about 120 unread articles. I toggle headline grouping, but I am not sure if this matters or not.

I click on the category on the left pane, and start clicking “ctrl+down” to scroll to read the articles.
At some point ( I tried to figure it out, but can say exactly after how many articles I read) the page won’t scroll down with “ctrl+down”, so I have to scroll with down key alone.

TT-rss says it’s refreshing the content (or something similar), but was it does, is marking as read a bunch of articles, that were supposed to be shown between the last one I actually read, and the first unread it shows, which should not really be the first unread.

Last time it happened, I had around 120 unread articles, I could scroll via ctrl+down untill 80 were unread, I scroled manually, and it jumped to 50 unread. The right pane is also refreshed, so I can not scroll up to go through the ones marked as unread.

I hope it is somewhat related to this thread, otherwise let me know and I can open a new one.

Please let me know if what I wrote is clear.

By the way I am running f6e287df110b2046643551aaae70917c61b061c9 on shared hosting, PHP 7 and Mysql.


i’m sorry but i can’t parse this. try posting in a format similar to this:

  1. i did the following: …
  2. i think this was supposed to happen
  3. instead, this other thing happened

also, unless your actual issue is the same as ops’, make your own thread. otherwise it’s just promoting confusion.


It happens both with ‘j’ and “ctrl+down” exactly the same. Here is the flow with example pics

Note the title of current and next article

hit ‘j’ OR “ctrl+down” A little title bar animation/fading happens and the result is that the title is wrong when done. I’ve seen the same behavior if I only have a single feed selected rather than a folder.


it’s probably a timing issue i suppose, i’ll try to subscribe to engadget and poke around tomorrow


well, i clicked on engadget articles for a while and this didn’t happen once :frowning:


I am seeing this issue too , I don’t think it is related to the feed.


Ya I don’t think its a feed issue. I suspect its a combo of current/next article size and OS environment. Possibly monitor layout (multi monitor) and/or video driver.

For the same ttrss user the problem manifests on my work Win10 Chrome and Firefox, but does not manifest on my son’s Win10 or my Chromebook.


Describe the problem you’re having:

One of the recent updates broke article headers (title, date, icon) when using ctrl-down

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:

On any feed with multiple articles start mowing through articles with crtl+down
after a few the article heading won’t match the displayed article (it will still show the previous one)

Can’t trigger it on tiny articles, only long ones that span multiple pages are affected, like

tt-rss version (including git commit id):

Tiny Tiny RSS v18.12 (75666ac)
commit 75666ac7aba80bdcad8ef0c73ccd8936b0a8987d

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:
Ubuntu 18.04
PHP 7.2.10-0ubuntu0.18.04.1


do you have auto mark as read enabled btw?

also does this happen for anyone if you use mouse or just hotkeys?


Only on keys, but moving a minute amount refreshes it, so it might be the case I can’t land my browser on that line

firefox 63.0.3 is affected
when I reach The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Building A CNC Machine
I still see A Portal Port Programmed For Platforms Of The Past bar

can’t reproduce on chrome

“Automatically mark articles as read” does not seem to make any difference on or off


ill poke some more at this tomorrow in firefox

as a temporary workaround you can hide #floatingTitle with user css, set display none, it’ll go away permanently

also, i have an idea for a shitty solution to this but i would like to reproduce the issue before starting to pile on hacks again


alright i managed to reproduce this with hackaday feed in firefox, i’ll try to figure out why this happens later today

e: in firefox, for some reason i can’t begin to understand, after scrolling container to an element, container reported scroll offset of (element offset - 1 (one!) pixel. all this shitshow happened because of this. chrome, of course, works correctly.

anyway, i’ll add a safety offset or whatever in there, and it’s probably going to work from them on.

on a related note, while i’m not particularly enjoying webkit monoculture, in my opinion mozilla and its garbage-tier disfunctional shitware really should crawl in a ditch and die already.