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TinyRSS IOS app 32bit or 64bit?


Today I read that the new IOS version 11 does not allow 32Bit apps anymore. Do you know if the tinyrss IOS app runs in 64Bit? I use tinyrss and the app really often and dont want to have a problem here if i update my phone when v11 is released. Unfortunately I could not find any information about the app.


On the device itself (not in the app), go to Settings, General, About, Applications. That will give you a list of any apps you have installed that will no longer be compatible.


You don’t even need to do that if you use the app regularly. It will popup a notice when you launch the app under iOS 10 if it’s not compatible with 11. I have become way too familiar with that popup in the last few months :slight_smile:


If you’re talking about my app tiny Reader iOS, it’s 64 bits for a very long time now. And yes, it works fine on iOS 11 :wink:


@joeyteel, i cannot do that. “apps” is not clickable for me. i have ios 10.3.3 and many other people cannot click that apps, too. Must be a bug?

@Tiberius, this app? https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/tiny-reader-rss/id689519762?mt=8
if yes then thanks for your info :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s my app :slight_smile:


The “App” button is only clickable if you actually have incompatible apps on your phone. If you don’t have any 32-bit apps you can’t click there.


I upgraded to IOS 11 today and there is an other problem in the app: The first news is not readable and overlapping with header.


I’ve got the same issue.



My iPhone is still in iOS 10, but there"s no problem on iPad (iOS 11)
Just try with the app with the new Xcode 9 in the simulator, seems to work, except for iPhone X which needs some adjustments.

Working on it, should be available next week. Let me know if you find some more bugs.


Hello Tiberius, thanks for that app! :slight_smile:

Just one question please. I have IP5 and 10.3.3 is final version for that phone. What will happen after IOS 11 is release? Does that mean that 32 bit phones will never receive any future app update? Thanks :slight_smile:


App Store requires 64 bits apps, and iOS 11 only support 64 bits, but 32 bits app are still supported for older devices.
tiny Reader is available for iOS9, 10 and 11 (soon :wink: ), and in Xcode I can see iPhone 5 10.3.1 models (the oldest model in the simulator is iPhone 4s with iOS 9.3). I’ll probably drop iOS 9 support later, but for now, it’s still ok :smiley:



I’ve updated the Reader iOS for iOS 11 and iPhone X. I’ve added the large title for iOS 11. Looks good :wink:
Seems to be OK on iOS 9 and iOS 10 too.
I’m still testing the app. If you want to beta-test (TestFlight), you can send me your Apple ID in PM.



I’ve just submitted the update to the App Store.


Thanks! Looking forward to the update.


The app has just been approved and should be available soon :slight_smile:


Yup, got it, works well. Thanks!


works great. thank you!


Great. Now I can continue to rewrite the app from Objective-C to Swift :wink: