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Not sure where to categorise this info but : I’ve just updated tiny Reader RSS for iOS to 1.5.2. This release improve memory management (the cache took huge memory).

Next step : rewrite the app in Swift and add some new features :wink:



I use your app daily, and wondered, would you consider open sourcing it ?

And if you want to work on a new swift-y version, I could contribute/work with you on it !


Did you fix the problem that your app is not able to open articles from these feeds:

That would be quite nice, because besides from this problem I really like your app.



I was not aware of a problem with your feed. I’ve juste tried to add them to my TT-RSS instance and I have no problem to list or open the articles. Is the problem on any article or only for some of them ? Can you give me a specific example ?



I’ve no plan to open source it for now.


Hi @Tiberius,

the problem occurs with every article and exists ever since I use the app on several iPhones and iPads.

Here is a specific example: The most recent article in http://rss.kicker.de/team/bayernmuenchen has the following title:

I can see the article in the list view for the feed. When I click on the article, I see the preview with the beginning of the article text. When I then press the button “Quelle” (which is German for “Source”) in the upper right corner nothing happens (except a spinning wheel in the iPhone status bar) - the full article page is not being displayed.

The only workaround that I know of is to use the menu on the lower right corner and then select to open the article in the Safari or Chrome browser. As mentioned before, this happens to all articles in both of the feeds I mentionend.


Ok, I see what you mean. It happens sometimes on some feeds (I’ve same problem with some of my feeds too). I think that’s because there are some scripts which are not understood by the web view (ads or something like that). I’ve not yet found how to solve this, but there is another workaround without opening the link in Safari or Chrome : after tapping “Quelle” once,just tap “RSS” to go back to the excerpt, then “Quelle” again.


Thanks, your workaround is much better than opening the article in an external browser app.


nice app,but need some convenient operations added will be better,like the ios app of Inoreader. With slide to open categories or source(full article) etc. slide left or right on categories to open categories or mark categories as read; slide up at rss to open full article.


Thanks for the app. I expect this is a larger ask, but I would appreciate for multiple account support and switching between accounts. – Thanks again


Any chance of a way of reading the alt text of an image? I know that sounds like a strange feature but https://xkcd.com/ has a punch line in the alt text. The Reeder app lets you hold down on an image and then it shows a pop up with the alt text.


The mouseover works in the normal web interface.


Hey @Tiberius,

I am using your app on my iPhone every day. Thanks for developing it!
I have some suggestions for some improvements (mostly for my personal use but perhaps you also think they are useful…) :slight_smile:

Is it possible to disable the horizontal scrolling in the app and always toggle soft wrapping?
For the articles in this forum for example it is not working every time. It would be easier to always be able to swipe to the next article. You also could implement a feedback when it is loading the next article.
Another suggestion from me would be a dark mode for better reading experience.
I hope the swift rewriting is going well.

What do you think?


Thank everybody for your suggestions

@heartsoarrq : I’ll take a look at this app

@jboehm : Not sure to add multiple account because it’s not a common request :wink:

@xtaz : Not sure I can do that, I’ll check

@senthai : The app is not supposed to have horizontal scrolling ? When do you have this ? I’ll take a look for feedback and dark mode.

I’m still working on the swift version (well, when I find enough time to work on the project), when finished, I’ll add additional features.


Hey @Tiberius,

thx for your answer! Sometimes I have horizontal scrolling when the content is bigger than my screen.
For example this blogpost: http://stadt-bremerhaven.de/mit-google-home-oder-google-assistant-das-iphone-finden/

thx for looking into it


It looks like the video is not responsive. I’ll try to solve this.


Hey, just want to say thanks for making such a great app! Love that it’s simple and lightweight, keep up the awesome work. I was wondering if it would be possible to have an option to default to Safari’s reader view when viewing original pages? Maybe just have a second button next to “Source” that’s “Reader” if a app-wide setting wouldn’t be practical.



Well, you can already open the original in Safari (or Chrome) by tapping the share button (ok, that’s 2 taps to open the source :wink: )