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Hi everybody !

FYI, I’m working on a Mac version of my tiny Reader client, based on my iOS version (Tiny Reader RSS iOS v2.0)

Both are written in swift, so I can re-use some of my code (and pods).

The app will be available on the Mac App Store.

Are there people interested by this app here ?

So far, the app looks like this:


What would be the advantage in using this app instead of just using a browser?


Basically, there’s no big differences. It’s like using Mail instead of a webmail. You don’t need a browser, it’s a native app, so for example you can have the number of unread feeds in the app icon. The interface is more “Mac-Like” and will work with dark mode later for example. You can leave your feeds in fullscreen so you can just swap between spaces like others app.


Does clicking a link in a post open it in the default web browser (or other default handler if it’s not a web link)?

As I think your screenshot shows, it’s so common to have a large quantity of unread posts, having that number on the app icon is not very useful.


Yes, but only if you can beat Reeder. :slight_smile: Seriously, it’s great to see new RSS clients being developed. More so for Mac and tt-rss.


Just like the iOS app, a click on a headlines show excerpt locally (from TTRSS). You can click “Source” to access to the article. In full screen, I think it more useful to stay in the app rather than opening the default browser and switching back to the reader. But I suppose this could be a setting.

Well, the screenshot shows a test account with many posts. As far as I’m concerned, most of the time I read news from my iPhone ou my iPad 3 or 4 times a day, so the number of posts less important. The number in the ion app could be also an option. Again, when using the app own fullscreen, you can only switch to to the reader when there are enough post to read.

I’m writing this app for myself (as the iOS counterpart), and I’ll release it for free to the community, so perhaps the way of using the app will be mostly the way I want to use it :wink:


I don’t mean headlines, I mean links in the body of the post. You made the comparison with Mail.app; when I click a link in an email I receive, Mail.app doesn’t load the page, it hands the url off to the application set as the handler for that protocol. A desktop feed reader should do the same, otherwise it’s basically a browser in a container.


I‘d be interested! If you can keep the interface as clean and native macOS like as possible - even better.


So there is no difference. A lot of my feeds are from sites like Slashdot or Ars Technica and I am interested in the comments. I have to open a browser anyway. There is no advantage for me.


Hey @Tiberius,

looks like a great app!
Do you still plan to update the iOS app also? For example it would be great if you add a custom css option and make the articles fit always with word-wrap: break-word;.

I use your app every day and it would be great if you could enhance it.
I am looking forward to the desktop app… do you also plan a beta release here?



Thanx :wink:

Yes, of course. I’ve implemented this feature (not as an option for now), so long sentence will be word-wrapped.

Yes !

I’ve lost time with the source list because I was using wrong type of objects (in swift), and macOS development is more complex than iOS.

I’m working on updating counters without calling API each time (not always accurate, but avoid too many calls).

The sequence is not the same as iOS, because on iOS I prefer exchanging less data, but on macOS, all the panels are always visible (categories, feeds, headline and articles)

iOS = GetCategories, GetFeeds, GetHeadlines (without content), GetArticle
macOS = GetFeedTree, GetCounters, GetHeadlines (with content)

I’ve also implemented an auto-loading when reaching the bottom of the headlines list, to fetch next 200 headlines. Perhaps this is something I’ll add to the iOS version later.


Hi !

I’ve less time for working on my app but I’ve finished a first beta of tiny Reader for the Mac.

I’ve not yet implemented all feature and translation, but the app is fully functionnal. I’ve started to use it every day and it seems stable.

You can download it here:

Thank you for your feedback

Known issues:

  • This beta will expire on October 31st
  • Password is saved in keychain. Not sure the app will ask for permission ?
  • Some German and Russian translation are missing
  • Headline settings are not yet available


Hi !

I’ve just submitted the app to the Mac App Store.


The app is available :slight_smile:


Dark mode is coming… :wink:


Here is a beta version with dark mode : http://www.pluchon.com/tinyReaderMac/tinyReader_110_b1.zip


Hello @Tiberius - Overall a very solid client and worked great against my TT-RSS site. I like it, but I did catch a few issues:

  • Initial login screen was in French(?) but was able to work past that knowing the three pieces of info needed (URL, UID, PWD).
  • Missing a share button to forward an article via email, other installed applications.
  • Marking all items as read in a category should have an option take you to the next category with unread
  • I see that Dark Mode is coming - excellent!
    Keep up the great work!


Yes, some translation were missing, this is fixed in the curent beta

Yes, not yet implemented

Perhaps as an option. It’s also depends if the current category was fully loaded or just the first 200 unread

You can try the beta

Thanx :wink: