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Systemd daemon is too verbose in syslog


I have TT-RSS running as a systemd daemon. Configured this way:

After=network.target mysql.service



Have the following line in config.php:
define(‘LOG_DESTINATION’, ‘sql’);

The problem is TT-RSS is writing to much info to syslog. I have to scroll though many messages to see anything not related to TT-RSS in the log file. An example is below. I’d like to make it less verbose.
Is it possible? I would have thought error/info messages should go to the sql database…

Dec 21 07:35:24 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:35:24/2431] [SIGCHLD] jobs left: 1
Dec 21 07:35:28 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:35:28/922] Scheduled 0 feeds to update…
Dec 21 07:35:28 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:35:28/922] Sending digests, batch of max 15 users, headline limit = 1000
Dec 21 07:35:28 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:35:28/922] All done.
Dec 21 07:35:29 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:35:29/2431] [reap_children] child 909 reaped.
Dec 21 07:35:29 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:35:29/2431] [SIGCHLD] jobs left: 0
Dec 21 07:36:23 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:36:23/2431] [MASTER] active jobs: 0, next spawn at 60 sec.
Dec 21 07:37:23 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:37:23/2431] [MASTER] active jobs: 0, next spawn at 0 sec.
Dec 21 07:37:24 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:37:24/2431] [MASTER] spawned client 0 [PID:1019]…
Dec 21 07:37:24 update_daemon2.php[2431]: [20:37:24/2431] [MASTER] spawned client 1 [PID:1020]…


update_daemon2.php --help

man 5 systemd.unit

learn how to use journalctl and/or grep


The amount of information is not a problem, your inability to filter it is. Either grep or ag if you are hip, are essential tool. Logwatch or something like that might help you as well.

:frowning: There is no good reason ever to do that…


I have
in the [Service] section for less clutter.


Thanks everyone! I followed zed’s advice and have much less clutter in syslog now.