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Reviving an old topic from the old forum - would folks still be interested in this?

I recently made an OPML generator for following your starred projects on GitHub and while it works great, you have to periodically generate the file and import it.

I think this should be doable as a plugin in ttrss and I plan to work on it soon. Just asking here once to see if others had any feedback before I started.


Definitely interested. A plug in where you could add urls would be great. Clearly if you can import a bunch in one go at the start… I am not sure how feasible (or a good idea) it would be to have something auto update every day or so.


Thinking of making something like once per day/week/month update schedule.


Can you clarify on this? I want to regularly “sync” an OPML URL (say github.love/linux-kernel-devs.opml) and it would automatically get synced to my feed. The only 2 configuration options I can think of are:

  1. Sync Frequency
  2. Parent Directory for the import.



Given the plugin has my github credentials,
When I star a project on github
And I forget to update tt-rss because I am lazy.
Then the plugins automatically detects the new starred project
And I get the newly starred project into my feeds.

Maybe only check once a day or something like that… Kinda assuming that I can have a category called “github” which would contain all the starred projects.


That is exactly what I’m making! I’ll update here once I start and/or face issues


:slight_smile: Looking forward to it.