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Starring article outsite of the feeds


Hello everyone,

To be able to move to ttrss completely I’d like to be able to import my saved/starred articles from a few different systems.
Unfortunately, looking at the REST api it seems that the articles first need to be in a feed first.

Is there a way to add to the list of starred articles a url that is not referenced in a feed?



There might be a better way, but you could:

  1. create a feed (Atom/RSS) XML file containing the articles you want to keep
  2. serve that file from wherever you prefer (e.g. where you’re running tt-rss)
  3. “subscribe” to that file’s URL via tt-rss


there’s also import_export plugin, you can generate data in format compatible with it and import it.


A fake rss, locally served.
I can see how I could be using this for a few scripts, thanks


I can’t find documentatin for it.
Do you know how I can find the format it needs ?
Exporting an example I can see that the xml, I can see it has quite a few fields, I don’t which ones are mandatory


if that’s not self explanatory to you, maybe you should generate an rss feed instead. those are nicely documented.


Another option if you don’t have a lot to add is to use the ShareAnything feature. Links added through that are put in the Archived section and after you’ve added them you can remove the Publish and add the Star.


Yeah, it looks like I can already go somewhere this way, thanks!