Starred displayed instead of fresh


When using latest git version compiled in debug mode, instead of starting with “fresh” articles it’s starting with starred articles. I found this code:

        if (m_prefs.getBoolean("open_fresh_on_startup", true)) {
            HeadlinesFragment hf = new HeadlinesFragment();

            if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) {
                hf.initialize(new Feed(-1, "Starred articles", false));
            } else {
                hf.initialize(new Feed(-3, getString(R.string.fresh_articles), false));

Why you are displaying starred instead of fresh?

Another problem is, that an application compiled in production mode can’t be installed.
There is just one message after installing, that “unable to install”.


If you already have the app installed, the new APK must be signed with the same key. What did you sign it with?


I don’t sign apps yet. Currently using only unsigned apps.
And also same problem, if I uninstall debug app and trying to install only production one.
No problem to reinstall debug mode app with new version.


There’s your problem. You can’t install an unsigned app.

Debug builds are automatically signed by Android Studio using the key at $HOME/.android/debug.keystore (password: android, alias: androiddebugkey). You can use that if you want (or create a new key, it’s not that hard).


because its easier to work on a consistent article set while developing stuff


Thanks. This way it works.