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[solved] Unread counts not showing on startup


problem statement
when starting a session on fresh feed, unread numbers only show up for all and fresh. numbers will appear beside each category if the updater catches new articles or if i mark one read in the fresh feed (causing the category count to update with -1)

steps to reproduce
open ttrss … defaults to fresh feed


  • open a specific category via bookmark … they always show
  • or refresh (F5)

raspian jessie lite (on rpi2)
PHP 5.6.30-0+deb8u1,
psql (PostgreSQL) 9.4.12
ttrss commit 51f13e77367df10ca4eae8ab7a253c350c7b51d8


PS/ i turned off the theme as requested in another thread

  1. your toy computer is not a supported platform

  2. look for any errors in browser console

e: the way i’m seeing your problem it’s more likely a continuation of your previous label-related troubles.

i don’t want to look this up right now but it’s very likely that counters are being requested after the initial feed opens because that’s how the startup always supposed to work, tree, initial feed, done. nowadays, many years and changes after, i guess those two load in parallel, oh well.

if your computer is really slow at generating the tree the counter request might happen too soon and the tree stays uninitialized until you do some counter-related operation i.e. the feed is updated or you mark something read.

as before re:labels i agree that this is suboptimal and promise to take a look at whether this is the reason and how to fix it

e: the interesting part is that i’m looking at the code right now and it still waits until the tree is loaded before proceeding any further and now i’m somewhat not sure why this even happens at all for you (that includes the label problem too btw).

yeah, even with a manual delay i can’t reproduce those two loading out of sync.


Thanks for considering & looking

i have ~400 feeds in ~30 categories… so this little toy not populate the tree fast seems like a reasonable explanation.

allot of warnings but no errors. if you want to look, i dumped the console log to pasteBin https://pastebin.com/vd3aH7Kv

my install is in the DMZ so if letting you poke around would help, let me know


i could imagine but this whole thing looks like a dead end (see above)

try with latest changeset and report if its better or worse

i appreciate the offer but just browser tinkering is not going to fix anything and i won’t bother remote changing stuff on your end for obvious reasons i.e. i’m lazy and this looks suspiciously like working

e: what’s your client looking like btw? is it perchance a slow af netbook or something that could struggle parsing javascript timely? how’s tt-rss UI latency in general?


22adcd7466777d21d7d642647831761d90ea289a … seems to have done the trick. thanks

my primary is i5 / 16gb RAM / gForce 1060 6gb / linux mint / chrome (…dual-boot to win for some frags). my secondary is android / samsung j6, but that’s using the API. response times are well within my acceptable limits. ~1-2 sec switching to categories that have ~100-300 unready articles

im idling on IRC; not looking to change your position on pi being unsupported, just curious why.

i spun up this wanna-be-server about 2 weeks ago and intend it to be a stand-along ttRSS box. i’m quite happy with it. especially the perceptual-image-hash … and themes :slight_smile: x-feedly user here, but i injected a ton of css using the stylish-extension to make it more comfortable. i’ve started with the feedly theme as base, but my end result is something pretty unique. i may publish it soon (after a little more tweaking).


it’s not that bad for a toy but any proper cheap vds is going to run circles around it and is going to have access to fast ram, real cpu as opposed to lolcortex and fast storage as opposed to glacially slow sd cards or w/e.

there’s a certain performance threshold below which things are likely to get frustrating for the user and, subsequently, for obvious reasons, me. why would i want that.

e: however i’m interested in shit tier servers and clients because sometimes there’s fixable problems only really noticeable on a garbage device. i made a bunch of nice performance improvements when i got a bay trail tablet and tt-rss felt slow, on my desktop i’d never notice anything was wrong. so i don’t discourage people from reporting issues it’s just there’s no promises involved.


makes perfect sense. thanks for explaining.

my NAS is an intel-core-2-duo w/ 4gb RAM running ubuntu-server (+mySQL), i think even it ran circles around the toy but my move scratched 3 itches

  • self-host (no fees)
  • not exposing my LAN to the world
  • a dedicated box that’s not running a dozen other services (like transmission)

IMHO for a one time investment of ~50$ (or in my case free since i had a spare). its serviceable. i see it falling down with a few heavy users but for the family, it should be good enough.

i am foreseeing perceptual killing the SD card pretty quickly, so i’ll likely move that to a USB stick or something. if i end up getting fed up with toy like performance, i can always migrate again


Off-topic a bit, but the “no fee” part is questionable. For instance, I have a VPS with 128 MB RAM, 80 GB HD for US$15/year. That server runs a proper Xeon E3 CPU and is pretty fast; it is cheaper than my electricity rates alone to run in my home and it comes with RAID-10, redundant power, etc.

That’s the cheapest machine I pay for online, my others are a bit more because I need the CPU and RAM to be better for other stuff; even those are quite affordable though. At home I do run a NAS but it’s similar to yours in that it’s a full fledged FreeBSD system running four drives redundantly, but I’ve worked the numbers and my home server costs me quite a bit to run 24/7.

(I’m going to be getting a Raspberry Pi soon. I want to install TT-RSS on it because I feel fox has it too easy here lately and needs more people reporting issues. Unlike you I’m not going to mention my hardware though. :slight_smile: Kidding… I’m actually going to use it as a remote rsync backup.)

Anyway, point being there are Internet facing machines you can get that are powerful and affordable if you know where to look.


point taken. those numbers are well within my impulse budget. please where do i look ?

our homeNAS is spinning 8 wd-reds in raid5 24/7. the last place i rented, i made the mistake of not getting power included in the utilities. when i moved out the bill took a sharp dive…needles to say, i was more selective finding a new place :slight_smile:

i have 1 at my folks place 2hrs north of here and another at my brother’s 2hrs west. offsite rsync for the whole family. good move


I’ll PM you.

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