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[SOLVED] Search in Chinese


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Search in Chinese returns nothing with simple or English mode

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Is it possible to search Chinese (or maybe other languages) with the plugin of Sphinx?


looks like postgresql doesn’t support full text search for Chinese or Japanese out of the box

https://pgroonga.github.io/ - can you try this?


I installed a Chinese plugin, and I tried


on postgre. But it doesn’t work.


this isn’t really related to tt-rss, you probably would have better results asking people who developed this postgresql extension

does Chinese appear in the list of search languages? if it doesn’t maybe more configuration of postgresql is needed


Yes, Chinese_zh appeared in the list of search languages.

Actually it works for some words, so I assume it is related to the vocabulary size of the postgresql extension.

Thank you for the suggestion!


great. if you manage to make it work properly, post here, so that other people might find it too


I found a problem when debugging with the extension.

I tired

select title from ttrss_entries where to_tsvector( content) @@ plainto_tsquery('simple','底层支撑');

directly on postgresql, and there is nothing found. This result is as expected, since “底层支撑” is not found as a single word in the contents.

Then I tried

SET default_text_search_config  = 'Chinese_zh'
select title from ttrss_entries where to_tsvector( content) @@ plainto_tsquery('底层支撑');

and there are some results. The results are as expected, since ‘底层支撑’ is now split into “底层” and “支撑” by the extension, and there are documents that contains these two words.

However, when I try it with the search dialog on tt-rss side, there is nothing found. I also tried selecting “Chinese_zh” on the list of search languages, but it doesn’t make any difference.

I wonder what could be the cause of the problem. Can I change the default search language settings of tt-rss?


relevant code which transforms search query to sql is here: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/src/master/include/functions.php#L1362

you can try adding some debugging or enabling query logging in postgresql to see what exactly does tt-rss generate

i’d say its either case conversions or tsvector_combined not being filled correctly for this language (you might need to set per-feed language in feed editor) AND run it through feed debugger with force rehash afterwards so that index updates

try running searches against tsvector_combined instead of to_tsvector(content) because that’s what tt-rss does for performance reasons.


Actually I changed per-feed language in feed editor already.

I tired

select title from ttrss_entries where tsvector_combined @@ plainto_tsquery('Chinese_zh','底层支撑');

and there is no return.

I assume that tsvector_combined is not updated and it is still using SEARCH CONFIGURATION ‘simple’

Does it requires a re-indexing after changing the per-feed language in feed editor?


yes, index is updated when articles are processed, so unless you run the feed through feed debugger it will only apply to articles which were added afterwards

you can easily rebuild the index through postgresql console btw


How can I run the feed through feed debugger?

Or how can I rebuild the index? I tried REINDEX, but it doesn’t seem to work


hotkey f D on the feed

something like this:

update ttrss_entries set tsvector_combined = to_tsvector('Chinese_zh', content);

this will update everything for Chinese_zh, you’ll need to limit the query for specific feeds if you want to

i suggest going through feed debugger instead, because there’s a possibility of other minor issues if you try to create tsvector index from complete articles (it’s length-limited so you may have some errors, etc)


I tired the first one but there is no visual feedback.
So I tired updating the tsvector directly, and it worked.

Now the search results are correct for all the Chinese words that I am testing with.

Thank you very much!!


since we’re undergoing hotkey-related troubles, i’ll add feed debugger to the context menu so it would be easier to trigger:



That would be great! :slight_smile:


Is it possible to add a configuration for the default searching language?

Now I have to hard code the language, so that I don’t have to select Chinese everytime when I search. :cry:


yeah this definitely needs a global option


i’ve added an option to set default stemming language: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/6768b3a4a3261b32c552e1acf1c471cd39b04a8a and following changesets