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Skipping articles with no content


I’m on commit v18.12 (b6a0214, and running php 7.0 with nginx 1.10.3 and postgres 9.5 on Ubuntu. Chrome 71, Windows 10. I just checked, same problem in Firefox 63.

I use J/K to move articles and sometimes I’m getting articles with no content in them, even from this forum. So I’m not sure if that’s the issue, because that seems odd.

But either way, when I have a no content article and I hit J it skips over the article with no content and even marks it read. I’m seeing this on other feeds too, but don’t have an idea which ones off hand.

Hitting K does take me back to selected on that no-content article as well just fine.

e: I should’ve check before, and I could definitely be mistaken, but it does appear that the empty article is in the RSS feed. So that probably isn’t the issue.


discourse generates empty feed articles for stuff like thread operations, i.e. if the thread got stickied or merged or whatever there’s going to be a blank post
no idea why

those definitely shouldn’t be skipped though, i’ll take a look what’s going on there

e: i think skipping happens in combined mode because it’s just too narrow, also headline like that can’t be reliably selected because content element is empty. maybe there should be a placeholder   or something in this case.


It doesn’t really negatively impact me overall, as I still see the articles anyhow. But I didn’t remember seeing it before the recent string of updates. I didn’t know if it was something you knew about.

I did come across another feed today just now that posts blanks, only the title. I thought i was seeing it other places than just the forum feeds.

Either way, thanks.