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Script to update tt-rss - Favicon problem


Hi all,
I love tt-rss. I installed it both on my homelab (Debian 9 stable) and on a VPS (Ubuntu 16.04).
I wrote this script to auto update tt-rss cloning from git.
I tried it and everything went fine, except for the feed icons (favicon) which disappeared and never came back.
Am i doing something wrong?

git clone https://tt-rss.org/git/tt-rss.git tt-rss
cp /var/www/html/tt-rss/config.php tt-rss/
rm -r /var/www/html/tt-rss
chmod -R 777 tt-rss
mv tt-rss /var/www/html/

Thx in advance!


you didn’t copy feed-icons/, those are checked once a day or something like that, just wait and eventually they should download again

there might also be an option to force favicon download, try update.php --help



cd /var/www/html/tt-rss && git pull

to only download changes


good point, op you’re using git already, why go through all this bullshit


to preserve my configuration I used:
git stash && git pull origin master
is that ok?
It seems to work. Btw: added to my to-do-list “Learn to properly use git”


I’m using git pull origin master for years and no problem.


To make things easy here at https://ttrss.info I have added the following alias to /root/.bashrc

alias update.ttrss='cd /var/www/ttrss.info/ ; git pull origin master ; chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/ttrss.info/ ; service php7.0-fpm restart ; service apache2 restart

This makes sure the update happens in the correct directory , the files are always owned correctly and that PHP and Apache are restarted (to clear the opcache)

Hope that helps.