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RSS feed marked as erroneous even if articles seem to download



I’m using an online version of TinyTinyRSS installed at http://framanews.org .

There, I can see that one of the feeds is said to be in error.

The feed is:

The error is:
Korben News: LibXML error 68 at line 3 (column 1671): StartTag: invalid element name

However, it seems that articles get dowloaded (at least, when I manually ask for a refresh)

I’m not sure if it comes from the original TTRSS code or from Framasofts’ “improvments”, so I report at both :slight_smile:


maybe the file is invalid only sometimes, i.e. there’s two servers in a load balancer one of which is carrying broken copy?

other than that idk, invalid xml can’t be parsed by (stock) tt-rss, period.