Rivva - how would you do it


The german site https://rivva.de makes a pre aggregation of web sites by posts in known blogs, wikis, and e.g. twitter. So it creates daily a list of interesting posts and has - of course - an rss feed.

Because of the “Leistungsschutzrecht” this site kicked off the teaser texts some years ago.

For me it would be cool with tt-rss to not have a link to the rivva page but to the link to the aggregated page in the post. It would be perfect if the aggregated page would be puhsed into readability.

How would you solve this problem?


Just as an addition: if you use e. g. the android app you are forced to look into the rivva posts with the browser. It would be cool to have a teaser of the aggregated page or the whole aggregated page shown in the android app itself.