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Replace Ctrl with Cmd in keyboard shortcuts for web client running on MacOS?


I’d like to be able to use “Cmd-Up” and “Cmd-Down” to replace “Ctrl-Up” and “Ctrl-Down” when I access the web client on MacOS. Without that, it’s cumbersome to skip long stories in my feed on MacOS. Is there a way to do this, either via a preference or a plugin?


hotkeys are pluggable although apple-specific keys may be not supported (i have no idea what kind of javascript events command key generates for example)

there’s not going to be any apple-specific code in tt-rss core so plugin is your only option, if someone writes it


I don’t know about under the hood, but on Windows, the Command key on a Mac keyboard works just like the Windows key. So it’s possible it’s not necessarily Mac only and is actually something more generic.


yep, looks like this is event.metaKey on the javascript side:

there shouldn’t be any harm in adding support for it if it’s not there
then a plugin could remap hotkeys to use it instead of event.ctrlKey or whatever

e: this is already supported, with hotkey notation prefix %

if (event.metaKey) hotkey_name = "%" + hotkey_name;


I’ve created a plugin to do just what I was asking for. Look for telotortium/tt-rss-macos-keys on Github (I can’t create links, it appears). Enjoy!