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Repeated crashes


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Repeated crashes that are easily reproduced, seems to be related to the number of existing posts in a category and in this case I cannot even start viewing posts in a category that right now has between 800 and 900 unread posts.
Running latest version from Google Play on Android 7.1.2 on a tablet and have been plagued by this for a very long time. Most of the time a crash report is created which I send. Sometimes, however, the app simply dies or I am taken back to the list of posts from the individual posts I was viewing.

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i honestly never understand the thought process that goes behind posts like these

op, do you want me to fill in all this information you decided to omit using telepathy, while somehow acquiring this mysterious android 7.1.2 tablet and running my application on it using your tt-rss database and settings, access to which i should get by performing a divination ritual, possibly powered by blood sacrifice? if you don’t want help, why post here?

yes let me to go dig through google crash reports, which are useless like 90% of the time, because you can’t be bothered to put any effort in your bug reports and i have nothing better to do

i think i’ll pass on this wonderful opportunity

e: most likely your shitty ancient tablet is running out of memory, usually the reason is large images. try disabling images in headlines altogether. if that doesn’t help you’re likely SOL.


I do not have images in headlines turned on so that could not be the reason. The crashes happen when I e.g. open a category with more than 800 posts, scroll to the e.g. the last 100 ones in headline mode and then try to open that post to read it. Posts in this category do not have a lot of images.

Is tt-rss caching all posts in memory even though I scroll past the majority of them in headline mode? If so, that would seem to me unnecessary. It should only need to cache the headlines for all posts and then the full posts when I do open one to begin reading.


Being a bear of very little brain, I’m a tad confused…

What, exactly, is crashing? The server?


OP is using the Android app:


this would make the app slower for everyone in favor of a tiny minority[1] of people like you. this doesn’t seem like a good idea.

also, i don’t see how scrolling through 800+ articles could be a good experience on a mobile device, regardless of any potential OOM errors.

in short, i can only suggest adjusting your workflow or switching to a different app.

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