Refreshing items in list does not always work


I have been running tt-rss for several years with a large number of feeds dividing among ca 30 categories. I always view new articles in just one category at a time and when I read new articles in either portrait or landscape orientation on my tablet, I often have to repeatedly manually try to refresh the article list by swiping up. It often fails to refresh the list on the first try saying “Loading, please wait…” requiring multiple swipes until successful.

Is there a timeout somewhere I can change (increase)?


there’s no timeout of such nature within tt-rss. you’re running into some other problem, start with server error logs.


I figured out what the problem is. It has nothing to do with the server but the display of the “busy” icon in the app. The busy icon is not displayed until tt-rss has finished fetching all the articles, hence the user believes the list has been updated while in reality tt-rss is still working on fetching the articles from the server. This even on a fast Wifi in the office so it has nothing to do with a slow connection. I could verify this by checking data transfer with a DL-speed icon in the notification field, I can see that a lot of data is being transferred even after the “busy” icon is no longer displayed and not until data has finished transferring can I scroll in the app.

Suggest that the “busy” icon be displayed until “all” the data has been transferred to the app.