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Redirect error after login behind nginx reverse proxy


Hello, I am running tt-rss v19.2 (1a484ec) behind a nginx reverse proxy. Everytime right after I login the page tries to redirect to the local address (the one behind the proxy). When I got back on page and reload I am in and everything works fine. I am getting this behaviour for some weeks now (without config changes on my side). The tt-rss site is constantly updated via git.

Here is my nginx part of the config:

    server {
        listen 443 ssl;
        server_name foobar.baz;
        // : here other stuff like logging
        location /tt-rss/ {
            proxy_redirect / /tt-rss/;

The environment contains:

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance!



you’re doing literally everything wrong

  1. you need to pass Host through your reverse proxy
  2. your SELF_URL_PATH should point to the outside visible URL


Thanks a lot for the help.

I guess some people might enjoy replies like “you’re doing literally everything wrong” but I find this rather discouraging.


I know you may not appreciate fox’s comment but keep in mind some things:

  • You’ve been on this forum for nearly a year and should know how things work around here.
  • You posted in Support about an issue not related TT-RSS and still got a reply with the solution.

Everyone starts somewhere when learning new things and there’s no shame in that, but please respect the rules of the forum before complaining… especially since you got your answer.


if you need encouragement to post on a safe space somewhere from now on i can suggest a permaban


Please delete my account.


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