Purge unread articles



Over the years I have subscribed to a lot of feeds. Some of them I rarely read. So a lot of unread articles hang around and my tt-rss instance got slow.
Now I tried to cleanup but could not find a way to purge unread articles as it seems.
I have seen in the mysql logs that read articles are purged (i set the 365 days in the preferences page):

# Time: 171003  9:41:17
# User@Host: tt-rss[tt-rss] @ localhost []  Id: 254554
# Query_time: 50.727194  Lock_time: 0.000106 Rows_sent: 0  Rows_examined: 7462
SET timestamp=1507016477;
DELETE FROM ttrss_user_entries
                                USING ttrss_user_entries, ttrss_entries
                                WHERE ttrss_entries.id = ref_id AND
                                marked = false AND
                                feed_id = '280' AND
                                 unread = false AND
                                ttrss_entries.date_updated < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 365 DAY);

How about (sort of) unconditionally kick out old articles? (Yes I have read the posts about archiving, duplicates and starred articles - maybe not fully understood :slight_smile: )

I want to avoid to walk through all feeds and mark articles as read just for getting them purged.

Thanks for any hints,

  1. set purging to a more reasonable value instead of 365 days which your toy database clearly can’t handle
  2. enable purging of unread articles in settings
  3. next time feed is updated articles will be purged

also read the faq

read it one more time then and don’t hoard meaningless data in the future


thanks a lot for the hint!
found and configured it. I can see the delete statements in the mysql logs now.

May I suggest to not “hide” the option between the unrelated dates but put it next to “purge article after days” instead?


this option is on by default so it looks like you managed to find it at least once to disable it

given the results i guess it’s not ‘hidden’ well enough


Is Article purging: under Edit Feed supposed to not work when Purge articles after this number of days (0 - disables) is set to 0?
I have individual feeds with a purge interval set but they are not affected and I dont want to enable Purge articles after this number of days (0 - disables).


per-feed setting should override global one