Purge Date not working


“Purge articles after this number of days (0 - disables)” is 10, but news older than 10 days are not deleted.
Is it depending on another preference?


Sort of.*

If the articles are still in a feed they will always be found and therefore not be purged. Otherwise TT-RSS would purge them, then find them in the feed (again) and add them back as “new”.

*I’m simplifying the process as TT-RSS also does the whole 304/If-Modified-Since thing and what not.

e: There’s also a constant you can define in config.php that overrides user preferences.


48 hour probation for not checking the FAQ before posting

no need to thank me


Your old articles are gonna be purge when the update.php runs.

  • items aren’t on feeds
  • items out of date (your condiction)
  • items aren’t marked as star

P/S: purged outdate items won’t decrease your database.