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Purge after {n} days apparently not working for me


[Describe the problem you’re having:]
in a freshly installed instance I’m still toying with I’d like to not amass pointless items, so I set “Purge articles after this number of days (0 - disables)” to = 1
However, posts older than 1 day are not purged. (Updating of feeds looks to be working, new stuff is coming in.) So I’m thinking I must have done something wrong. Maybe a setting in the config php or the like that I missed?

[If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:]
probably a local issue but :

  • open settings,
  • set “Purge articles after this number of days (0 - disables)” = 1
  • save settings
  • see if stuff older than 1 day disappears as feed updatings proceed.

[tt-rss version, Platform etc.]
(same as indicated in Public.php links not public?)

Help you may be able to provide is much appreciated; thank you. Best - LX


oh, bloody d’uh
it does work. It’s just that many items on that initial test feed.

  • so sorry, should have checked dat first. Will delete this post now.


Is this relevant?

­ https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/wiki/FAQ#i-have-questions-about-article-purging--i-dont-think-purging-works

When tt-rss sees articles still exist in the feed it bumps the import date because otherwise the articles will get purged and reimported periodically causing annoyingly reappearing duplicates.


thank you, shabble;
I think I was just being daft :slight_smile: