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Postgresql 10 experience?


I am curious if folks have cut over their tt-rss installations from the 9.x to the 10.x version of postgresql. ANy issues/gotchas? Did you just do a dump/restore to do the migration? Thanks in advnace for any assistance.


I upgraded to 10 and everything went fine. my installation is on docker so i ran an upgrade with this image: tianon/postgres-upgrade

Feels slightly faster… as everytime something is new :wink:


I did a new install on a new server a couple of months ago. Imported the dump from a 9.x database in a 10.x database and everything went just fine.


I used default debian scripts for cluster migration without any issues. Of course backup is recommended.


I upgraded to 10, via pg_upgrade, shortly after 10 was released. No issues at all. Don’t forget to turn on max_parallel_workers_per_gather to match your cores


thanks to all for sharing your experience