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Possible to get same title merged?


I get some news from a Google news research. The Problem is, that results from google news contain sometimes the same Article several times.

If possible I wish to merge them into one.


Did you search? Because I found a few threads about this already and one might even answer your question.

If that doesn’t answer your questions, and any other threads that you found when searching, then please explain in a bit more detail so we can help.


Sorry for the late reply @JustAMacUser I got banned because of another post.

I had searched only for merge, similar, same but not for duplicate, thanks for the hint.
I read the article you provided but I’m not able to use it, because I use MySQL. I do not really need a detecting of “similar” title. I could live with detecting the same Title.


The post from fox I linked to explained that article de-duplication is already integrated into TT-RSS. The fact that it’s not working means the feeds you’re getting are using different GUIDs for the same article (which sort of defeats the purpose of having a unique identifer for each).

Without a unique identifier feed readers have no real way of knowing whether an article is the same. In TT-RSS if a guid is not present it generates its own based on the article’s URL (it’s not perfect but nothing ever will be in this case).


You’ll need to code a plugin to manually analyze the feed content and remove articles that exist with the same title.

e: Another approach would be to hook into the feed data just after it’s been fetched and change the guid to a hash of the title. Then when TT-RSS parses the feed it will handle the duplicates like it always does.