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[Plugin] Toggle night mode for custom themes


This plugin makes it easy to switch night mode on and off for custom themes.
Get the plugin here: https://github.com/ltGuillaume/FeedMei/tree/master/plugins.local

Normally, the menu item to toggle night mode only controls the default tt-rss theme, no matter what theme you have selected. This plugin checks if the active custom theme has a themes.local/[theme]_night.css variant and enables/disables it. If there’s no such file, the plugin will revert to the default behavior (and use the default theme to toggle night mode).

An example of a theme that can make use of this plugin can be found here:

Alternatively, you can just rename or create a symlink to your favorite night mode theme with the name of your day theme +_night.css.

[Feature Request] Night mode: selector for which one
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@ltGuillaume I will try it later, and report back! Thanks!