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Plugin to share posts to Mastodon



I created a plugin to share posts to Mastodon: https://framagit.org/framasoft/ttrss/ttrss_mastodon

It’s heavily based on Fox’s plugin for twitter.


Hey, I’m using this plugin on my ttrss install and lately when I press Toot nothing happens… maybe it is not an issue of the plugin but don’t know how to debug it.


What happens if you go on web+mastodon://share?text=foobar? The plugin uses such URL to share on mastodon, but that requires that you browser know how to handle web+mastodon URLs.


web+mastodon://share?text=foobar? opens the mastodon Toot interface but when I press the Toot button nothing happens… that’s the behavior I’m getting and was trying to explain.


That’s a problem with your mastodon instance, not the plugin. The mastodon Toot interface comes from your instance. Are you logged in?


Yes, I am displayed logged in, I have the mastodon instance on another tab and I can Toot from its interface. That’s why seems so strange to me that the Toot button on the window that opens with the “Share to Mastodon” doesn’t work…


Well, ask your mastodon instance’s admin.


Gives me an error on latest TT-RSS commit (8b26b86):

ReferenceError: param_escape is not defined

[email protected][ttrss url]/index.php:92:7
[email protected][ttrss url]/index.php:1:1

It was working fine before though.


Just open the mastodon.js file and replace param_escape by encodeURIComponent to make the plugin work again.