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Plugin Not Listed/Can't Activate



I’m trying to install the Fever plugin for tt-rss.

I followed up with the provided installation instructions. However, the plugin does not show up under my plugins in my preferences.



You didn’t provide much info.

Third-party plug-ins should go in their own directory with the file init.php in it. So something like:


Make sure when you downloaded the plugin its path looks like that.


I couldn’t provide much because there isn’t a specific error message or anything.

Anyways, I finally handled the problem! Turns out you were right about the plugin installation source. However, on Github, for some reasons I can’t contemplate, there are two separate tt-rss fever plugins. And not one is a fork of the other.

I was using this one initially which wasn’t showing up under my plugins(even after following your advice of changing the directories).

When I figured out the two separate versions, I switched to this one which has the installation source as the one you were talking about, everything worked as written in the instructions.

Thanks for your attention. You led me to the root cause of the issue. Appreciate it.


Great you got it working but just as an answer to this.
Follow the forum rules: provide TTRSS version, server details (Apache/nginx/mysql/pgsql/php, etc versions)
Where you got the plugin from, what instructions you followed, screenshot of the plugin directory showing how you installed it.

Basically a lot you could have provided before-hand.


Yeah you’re right. I should’ve been more careful. My apologies.

However, I’d like to make a suggestion if I may. When opening up a post, a default placeholder text for those various information would go a long way; just like how GitHub provides for issues.(hope the responsible person takes this into consideration)