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Plugin for mathjax


I’m a happy user of Tiny Tiny RSS, but I miss one plugin: Being able to activate mathjax for previewing. I use Tiny Tiny RSS amongst other things to read arXiv feeds. I think this plugin should be very easy to write (and I volunteer to write it), but I did not find the place where to learn how plugins are defined.



if only we had a wiki and a bunch of sample repositories you could easily find by searching around this site


Thanks for this ironic answer… Actually, I dug through the wiki, but some links are broken and I was not able to find explained examples¹. Of course, I can read the code of the existing plugins and try to understand what’s going on, but if this is the only way to learn how plugins work, I’m not sure it is worth it. Maybe I’m just too lazy!

¹ This I should have mentioned in my first post.


Please report broken links so they can be fixed.

It’s a vetting process to ensure quality. :slight_smile:


any contributions to the wiki or documentation are always welcome


On the page Plugins, links to “attic” and “samples” are probably not correct: The page one arrives has no stylesheet for instance. On the page MakingPlugins, the same links yield an error 404.

Fair enough…


Thanks. I’m on mobile now and I don’t even know if I have access to submit updates to the wiki, but I’ll try when I’m at a computer if fox doesn’t fix it first (which he probably will).

My other comment was tongue-in-cheek, but honestly if you’ve done PHP coding just take a look at the plugins bundled in the core, it’s pretty straightforward. For each “hook” TT-RSS passes a value to registered plugins for that hook. Your plugin returns the result. Multiple plugins on the same hook are called in sequence. Your plugin just needs to be wrapped in the correct class with minimum methods for verifying API version, etc.

Take a look and reply with questions if you have any.


thanks, there’s probably a few more broken links around after gitlab -> gogs transition

@JustAMacUser yeah those links should be fixed now