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Pictures in Twitter feeds generated by RSS-Bridge


As adviced here I am using RSS-Bridge for generating feeds of Twitter. These feeds are used in my installation of TT-RSS.

There is just one problem: Pictures in Twitter feeds are not shown in TT-RSS (via Browser and via Android-App). This is due to the pictures are not embedded as *.jpg but as *.jpg:orig or as *.jpg:thumb instead.


As written here, the people at RSS-Bridge see this as normal behavior.

Is there any way to see the :orig or :thumb images in TT-RSS (and in the app)?
Thank you very much in advance!

I am using Tiny Tiny RSS v18.8 (643d191).


post the feed url so i can take a look what’s really going on there.


Of course. As my installation is not open to the public, lets use this public service of RSS-Bridge instead: https://bridge.suumitsu.eu/

Lets use this Twitter account as a source for generating RSS feeds: https://twitter.com/thehoodmemes

So you will get this feed URL: https://bridge.suumitsu.eu/?action=display&bridge=Twitter&u=thehoodmemes&format=Atom

You can see there, that pictures are embedded as *.jpg:orig. These pictures are shown when displaying the feed URL in Firefox.
But when adding this feed to TT-RSS, the pictures are not shown.

Thanks for your help!


first of all, no images are embedded in this feed - images there are linked to by their URIs. don’t use words if you don’t know what they mean, it’s just confusing.

second of all, it’s not about the URI itself (or the :orig suffix in it). there’s two images in every post:

  1. i assume it’s a thumbnail which is in article content, <img> tag, that one would show in tt-rss regardless of :orig being there or not, it doesn’t matter.

  2. full image which is linked as an enclosure. in order for an enclosure to be shown inline as media content, it needs to either have a correct content type (i.e. image/png) or lead to something looking like an image (this is actually a fallback method for badly configured feeds).

in your feed enclosures both have wrong content type (application/octet-stream) and lead to a retarded URI which fails the check because of the suffix.

so, in short, that feed is bad and whoever produced it should feel bad. my advice would be telling people at “rss bridge” to fix their shit.

alternatively, since tt-rss is infinitely extensible, you can write a plugin which would embed this horrible misconfigured enclosure manually. good luck.

e: why did i waste so much time on this effortpost :thinking:


I am using RSS-Bridge here at https://ttrss.info without any problem.
Here is a screenshot of the tt-rss web interface showing a twitter feed.

The only change I make is editing ‘TwitterBridge.php’ and replacing :thumb with :orig , it occurs in two places , this gives us the lovely full-size images instead of tiny thumbnails.

Are you using the af_zz_imgproxy plugin ?


Ok, thank you for clarifying this! I will get in touch with the people at RSS-Bridge.


https://fakecake.org/myfeedsucks/ <-- here you can see the feed as tt-rss sees it


Thank you for pointing this out. I did some changes now in TwitterBridge.php (on the RSS-Bridge-side) and things are working now.
Anyway, soon I will get in touch with RSS-Bridge to bring their attention to this issue.

It did not make any difference to the previous problem, if af_zz_imgproxy is activated or not - at least in my case.