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PHP 5.x, 7.0 support ending December 31, 2018!


Not sure where to post this, please move as appropriate.

Folks, time to upgrade PHP! It looks like PHP 5.x (i.e.; all versions of php5) and PHP 7.0 are going out of support on December 31st of this year. I’m on 7.0 and upgrading soon (CentOS 7, IUS repository).

While many of you probably already know of this, this article was the first I’d heard of it:
As End of Life Nears, More Than Half of Websites Still Use PHP V5

Fox, what do you develop against?


well to be fair it’s not like it will suddenly stop working


And I only upgraded from 5.5* (EOL: ~June 2016) 2 months ago.

* edit: to 5.6


Debian will run it for ten years so we are all safe⸮





I’m a bit constrained on that box - it’s a VPS, it hosts a couple of others’ websites (which I maintain,( and it’s running Centos 6.10 which they won’t allow me to reimage using Centos 7. Which apparently they do offer to new customers.

New customers:

What I’m offered:

Been meaning to look to different hosting, but :man_shrugging:. It’s OK for what I need it for. At the moment.


Do you want a recommendation?…


Not adverse to it, but it’s more lethargy on my part to bother doing anything about it than anything else.


Send as PM… \20chars


I can’t say if all edge cases are covered, but I just set up a new tt-rss instance with php 7.2 and it seems fine so far.


As an FYI. I just upgraded my server to PHP 7.3.0 and can confirm that tt-rss works fine with no issues.