Performance: native MariaDB v. 'Docker'ized' PostgreSQL


In your informed estimate, which database should give tt-rss better performance: MariaDB run natively or PostreSQL run as a Docker container?

I know that Andrew endorses PostreSQL and I’d be glad to go that way, but I can install PostreSQL only in Docker. Will the virtualisation overhead steal that database’s speed advantage over Maria?


Running a database in docker is a horrible idea.
Don’t do it.

Read this

I had to deal with this shit at work and it was a true nightmare.


Docker containers do not have a CPU virtualization overhead.
If you’re mounting a host directory as the store location for the Postgres container, then there is no storage overhead.
The only thing that might be an overhead is the networking stack.

tl;dr: Go ahead and docker-ize it.
Use this if it helps:


WHY? (several more why’s to get past the nanny 20 character minimum)


Because Synology®. I’m trying to install tt-rss on a NAS by that brand, and the manufacturer doesn’t allow users to install PostgreSQL: the NAS already sports an instance of PostgreSQL reserved for its internal use. The only official package is MariaDB.


Thanks! Will read the saga after leaving the forum. My gut feeling is that Docker brings a level of complexity with it.


Thanks for the encouragement. Curious, how your optimism contrasts with the previous poster’s caution. I understand that Docker is a polarising topic in developer circles.


My optimism comes out of actually using Docker, knowing the inner details of the source, being aware of what it can do (as opposed to what the hype claims: “alternative to VMs”).

If you want to use it, go ahead. If you don’t, then don’t.
If you want help, I’ll help if I can.
But I don’t want to waste my time defending Docker or providing any counterpoints to any arguments.

That blog post has its moments of truth.
But then it adds mountain of FUD around everything. By the end of it, I felt like I’m being trolled!
"Docker is the devil and will eat your kittens and shit in your bed."
What crap!

Docker is a tool… like a hammer.
Like that hammer, I can put it to good use, or bludgeon my thumb and then complain how the hammer was just bad for humanity.


a little googling results in quite a few people that’ve conquered that reason, whether that’s good enough for you or not, that’s up to you:

there’s others.


as long as you’re not trying to keep actual data inside the container (which would be tremendously stupid) i think postgres would run fine in docker.

also, at least some of the issues discussed in the linked post above are obsolete (i.e. there’s docker prune now, etc).


Ha! Didn’t see those. I limited my searches to the Synology forum. Will keep those posts for reference. Thanks, Sleeper.

Frankly, for now I’d rather keep my tt-rss setup as simple as possible. If I hack into Synology’s Postgres now, I may see my tt-rss broken by the next firmware update. It’s just not worth it. Better let the NAS do its thing (store files), and host tt-rss on my Debian VPS. To each his own. Also if I ever need your help, you guys won’t boot me out to ‘Unsupported platforms’. :wink: