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Palabre extension (Android)


I’ve just finished extension for Palabre (Android) that adds support for Tiny Tiny RSS: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brouken.palabre.ttrss

Extension supports: HTTP basic auth, full two way sync (including starred articles), batch read state changes etc.
The extension is free. I will probably put sources to github eventually.

I’m not that much convinced by Palabre itself - it claims to support offline mode yet mostly doesn’t save images (only when synced on charger even though I have that setting turned off).
Another issue is that sync actually doesn’t start unless you enable one built in provider.
Suit yourself.


Going to give this a shot, though I think I’m a fan of the TTRSS app over Palabre for the reasons you mention, too. Would love to see the source, too.



why are you posting ads about proprietary software with ads and iaps here? get out

T&P subforum is for themes and plugins for tt-rss, not random plugins for some other applications