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Overhaul: TTRSS Needs a Data Directory


It is used as an example, but I don’t see anywhere that it is recommended.


Good to know. Thanks! Testing out my container now, seems to work well. I added more beyond yours to be safe for all users, such as mysql, international support, ldap, etc, and use supervisord to allow updates to run in the same container. Will post it up for anyone who wants it once I finish the tests.


You should look into docker-compose (or swarm, even on a single node) instead of making massive multi-service nightmare containers. Speaking of “recommended”

I’ll add a compose snippit to that gist. Breaks out update, postgres and ttrss.


I use compose for my personal items, and the DB is separate, I just included updates to make it easier for end users and to less overhead of another container running.


And here it is: https://hub.docker.com/r/nowsci/docker-ttrss

@reibuehl If you decide to use it, it’s got everything built-in so you shouldn’t need any external dependecies, even for plugins.

As a note, it will be updated monthly like most of my other containers.