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On "last page" of articles, how to keep headline on top row? [SOLVED]


First, long time tt-rss user, first time poster … which I think is a testament to its outstanding usability.

After a much needed git pull … (running on latest master, php7, ubuntu, vps, etc…)

When reading a category I usually just scan the top line (combined + expanded) for the headline as I scroll along; reading only the articles that I find interesting.

IIRC, the old layout/render engine (viewfeed.js?) used to by default scroll all the headlines to the top, including the last 2 or 3 articles on the “last page” (i.e. leaving whitespace below them to the bottom of the viewport).

Is there a JS patch/code snippet I can apply to keep that old behavior? Perhaps a custom CSS padding or margin to add the whitespace necessary to scroll up?

I see in Article.js the methods ‘cdmScrollToId’ and ‘scroll’; maybe I can patch those? Can someone supply the code? I have played with it and haven’t come up with the right combination.

I can maintain a custom patch on my side easily enough, so I am not asking to commit to the repo.



whitespace you’re taking about is added when you have mark as read on scroll enabled, make sure this option is turned on


Yes, that did it. But I didn’t enable that before that b/c I want to use (shift-)n/c-down, (shift-)p,c-up to navigate. From time to time I jump around w/ the mouse looking for a particular article and don’t want that “aggressive” marking turned on.

Is there a way to get that whitespace w/o this setting?



this whitespace is added because otherwise it would be impossible to mark few last articles as read by scrolling, so it’s only added when this option is enabled.

that said, you could probably make a plugin which would inject it regardless of this option.


Ok, thanks. I appreciate the feedback.


Ok, thanks for the “auto_catchup” tip. I added the CSS I found to all headlines-spacer(s) and it works to scroll the headlines to the top w/o setting auto_catchup …

/* Add enough whitespace to scroll headlines to the top. */
body.ttrss_main #headlines-frame #headlines-spacer {
  height: 100%;

Same rule as in default.css but removed the “.auto_catchup” selector.



Thanks for the snippet!

I really dig the updated look of Tiny Tiny RSS (@fox thank you very much!), but this was one bit I was kinda sorta missing.


this is confusing though because i think this whitespace has always used to work like that, was it different in older versions?


I think I always* could scroll up and hide the last post in any feed leaving only a giant white space next to the feed tree. I used to think of this feature as a “boss key” of some sort: if my browser accidentally pops up on the screen while someone else is looking they wouldn’t be able to see the thing I was reading recently.

This is of course a silly thing to complain about, so I didn’t care when it went away.

* for certain definitions of "always"


I just used git to go back to 2c51facf61536c07a5ba7845393488c3ba997d80, around 2018-02 and yes the headlines do stay at the top.

Here is the old rule:

body.ttrss_main #headlines-spacer

e: using chromium inspector, I unchecked the height directive and it would not scroll the last page headlines to the top.



i guess this was an oversight on my part. this was supposed to work like it does now from the beginning (android app works the same).


There’s also a bit of usability aspect to it. When you are approaching the end of the feed:

  • with CSS hack posted above you keep reading the feed without moving your eyes;

  • without CSS hack you at some point need to look down the page to find the next article.

I’m not advocating for either of two implementations, because this is probably specific to the current theme or configuration or personal preferences or local weather. Besides, I just spent two weeks without having this hack enabled, and didn’t think once to complain.


I think I had noticed this change a while ago, and never quite put my finger on what was wrong when it was gone. I was certainly nice to have the current post’s title snap to the top.