Notifications on Android


I have been using TT-RSS for years but I am new to the android app. Is there a possibility to get notifications? I am not using widgets but would like to get notifications with sound like for emails etc. I checked the settings in the app, the Google play store, this community and google, but couldn’t find a hint about notifications. Am I missing something?


hi you have 25000 unread new posts swipes away 15 seconds later hi you have 25500 unread posts

see where i’m going with this


I am sorry but I am not sure if I am getting your answer right. Do you mean notifications would be bothering or come up too often?
As an alternative I am using News+ at the Moment on Android, which has notifications and app icon badges, on ios I am using Reeder, which has notifications.
I like your app because of the look and faster response better then News+, but I definitely Need notifications.
In my using scenerio, with not so many feeds and perhaps only one or two posts per day or week (some even less) In this cases it is very useful to get notifications about new feeds. I never ever had 25000 unread new posts and 15 seconds later 500 more.
In both apps I mentioned you can set the sync Intervall, so there never will be the next notification after 15 seconds if you don’t want that. If you don’t use notifications you can turn them off easily in settings of those apps or in overall settings of android or ios. Using notifications is not compulsory but just an option. I guess I am not the only one who would consider this useful.


what you’re a describing is a half-assed feature usable only for your “scenerio” which everyone else can just turn off.

to make this truly useful for the rest of the ~10k people using tt-rss.apk right now it’ll have to be a lot more flexible than that, for example configurable on a per-category or a per-feed level, etc etc. and this is just not something that i’m interested in implementing at this point. in my opinion it’s better to not have a feature at all rather than have a half-assed one.

however, nobody is stopping you from making a “tt-rss notifications.apk” and publishing it on play store, i can suggest you do that instead. additionally you’ll learn what a wonderful platform android is for a developer.

e: your actual problem of being notified for stuff you might consider interesting off low-traffic feeds can be solved using a widget showing fresh articles and filters, so far i’m not convinced why a catchall duplicate method to do the exact same thing is needed. “other apps do it” is not a valid justification.


Thanks again for your answer. Of course it is your app and you can decide which features to implement and which not. On the other hand I did only ask in my first post, if notifications are there and I am just missing them or not. As a paying customer I thought I could get an understandable (which your first reply wasn’t) and polite (which your second reply wasn’t) answer. For me, notifications are a killer feature, that’s why I’ll return the tt-rss app and stay with News+. Certainly per-category or per-feed notifications would even be better, but for now new-post-notifications would be enough for me. So for me “other apps do it” is a valid justification - at least for buying one of these apps and not yours.


the paying customer routine never gets old lol


I think people asking questions about an app before they buy it is quite normal. Laughing at people who do so isn’t. I really hope many people read this.